The Culvert

The Culvert Hotel in Kuching is nestled in the dense flora and undergrowth of Santubong. This resort in Kuching is a dreamy and relaxing resort that will melt away your stress. An ideal location with the iconic Mount Santubong in the background, The Culvert Hotel in Kuching offers its guests astounding views of mother nature. The Culvert Hotel in Kuching has been making waves in Kuching due to the hotel's beautiful private beach view. This Kuching hotel resort also offers views of picturesque sunsets from its sunset deck situated on top of a cliff facing the South China Sea. Outfitted with eco-friendly room designs and an array of facilities offering adventure and relaxation, this Kuching hotel resort promises to take you on a cultural journey of Sarawak’s rainforests and rejuvenate your weary soul. Our team will make sure your pre-wedding photo shoot in Kuching looks amazing. 

Wong Siaw Ching & Kho Joo Fung