Minimalist Romantic Theme

Minimalist weddings are the new and upcoming trend that are super crisp, clean, and polished, making your wedding look extremely elegant and charming! So, what exactly is minimalism you ask? It’s a mindset that’s all about simplicity. Think super simple, chic, and modern featuring neutral colors, with a hint of traditional. Think black, white, gold, and marble.  Think artisanal, and transparent. Focus on quality over quantity. Minimalism is not all stark white and bare. It is not to "go without", but rather to focus on elements that are truly meaningful and valued while foregoing unnecessary clutter. Embrace the simple aesthetic. Remember, less is more!

Lester & Lynntazsha
20 Jul 2019
Lim Kim Ling
29 Sep 2019
Rui Qi & Karen
13 Dec 2019