[5 Bachelorette Party Themes for The Bride-To-Be]

19 Nov 2019

So your best gal is getting married! Being good friends, you are definitely excited for her engagement and want to share the happiness she feels. What’s next in plan? Throw her a bachelorette party of course! You will want to spend all the time you can with the bride-to-be before she gets married and living her happily ever after. However, it can be overwhelming to come up with party ideas which you, the bride, and your group of friends can enjoy. Here are 5 bachelorette party ideas that will be the perfect girls’ time to celebrate the bride-to-be.


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1) Beach Weekend Getaway


It cannot be denied that the beach is always the awesome place to go to for running away from the bustling city life. Plan a beach weekend getaway by booking a huge suite and plan a beach side event. You can plan a nice picnic theme in the morning for those cute girly moments and go on heading the night with a barbeque dinner at the beach. It is the perfect travel getaway the bride-to-be and your group of friends will enjoy.


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2) Spa Session


Is the bride-to-be someone who is busy and just need some down time to relax? Not every bachelorette party has to be a night out of town for a fun time. If the wedding day is getting closer, plan a nice pampering session for the bride-to-be and all the girls to enjoy. Book a spa session such as massages, facials, treatments, and manicures to enjoy a relaxing time from all the wedding hectic planning.


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3) Bar Hopping


For the bride-to-be who loves to party before ending her single days, go out for a bar hopping session! Talk, laugh, eat, drink, and enjoy the night. Watch other people’s behavior and party all night!


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4) Sleepover Party


Do you remember when you were in school and having your girlfriends coming over? Those precious moments is where the friendship bonding happens and there is nothing wrong in creating the scenario again with a sleepover bachelorette theme party especially if you are on a budget. Wear your pretty lingerie, eat a lot of junk food, put on a chick flick movie on, gossip, and plan various adult games.


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5) Poolside Party


Instead of going to the beach, put on your cute bikinis and have a splashing party. Lounge by the pool on a nice float, sunbathe, and enjoy a glass of juice! Jump in with your girls and be like a kid again! There are plenty of games to play together in the pool. Other than that, have the best caterer around to fill in your empty stomach during the poolside party.


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