[9 Things You Should Totally Splurge on for Your Wedding Day!]

18 Nov 2019

Let's be real. We all want the perfect wedding. A once-in-a-lifetime auspicious occasion that gathers your loved ones to witness and celebrate your marriage. Yet, if you're like most couples, you would want to cut costs wherever possible considering you have to work within a budget. However, there are a few things you should definitely invest in for your big day. After all, you only get one, and you want to make it as special as you possibly can. Here are some wedding splurges you should totally make.


woman holding beige-petaled flower bouquet


1) Stunning Venue


Venue is undoubtedly the most important element in planning for a wedding. Depending on your wedding vision, dinner receptions held at a posh 5-star hotel or a majestic mansion are very different than the ones held at an average hall or ballroom. From the grandiosity, decor, stage, and seating arrangement, your venue is what brings out the magic in your wedding.


formal dinner table setting


2) Decoration & Styling


It makes a world of difference when you get expert wedding decorators and stylists to set up your wedding venue. It’s your big day after all. Don't you want a stunning backdrop at the entrance, a reception area that intimately showcases your memories together, and tables with elegant floral centerpieces? Popular wedding themes like minimalist, vintage, tropical, and celestial never fail to create feel good vibes for the guests.


clear wine glass lot on table


3) Wedding Planner/Coordinator


Everyone agrees that getting married is a lifetime decision, and it can be a challenging period. Why stress and sweat it out to do everything yourself? Let the wedding planner work the details out for you, so everything flows smoothly months before your wedding till the night the party ends. You? Take care of who's coming, the guest list, and pamper yourself for when the real day comes.


woman wearing white blouse carrying flower and book


4) Wedding Photographer


There are things that you can save and there are things that you absolutely mustn't. Our advice is to not go for photographers that label themselves as 'budget'. It's evident why there are a tonne of photographers out there yet only a handful are premium. Professional wedding photographers are so much fun to work with. They capture moments and showcase what your wedding really is all about. Most importantly, outstanding photographers make you feel beautiful. Remember, your wedding album (or social media photos) will last a lifetime, so don't worry about spending more money on a great wedding photographer!


woman holding assorted-color flower bouquet


5) Food to Die For


The three most talked about conversations at the wedding are: the wedding couple (it's a must to complement the sweet newly weds), the guests (how the bridesmaid was trying to steal the show with that outfit) and yes, you guessed it - the food. It's the talk of the town, and it's definitely going to be one of the most popular conversations at a wedding reception. So sit down with your wedding caterer (bring along your wedding planner if you have one), think about the type of cuisine and go through each of the items in the menu. Don't worry if your bill sums up to be a large chunk of your wedding budget, it's supposed to be that way.


dish on white ceramic plate


6) Wedding Live Band/Musicians


Think about this for a second, what are you doing to entertain the guests? What happens after the photo-taking, cocktail and mingle session? Sure, your guests are invited to sit and dine. But there's really not much going on. It would be so much more engaging if you'd have a live band or musicians to start the show, that'll certainly create so much energy in the room. If you're thinking of taking it one step further, set a dance floor, your guests will thank you for that! We'd highly recommend that you invest in an experienced live band or DJ, listen to sample recordings and craft a list of songs that they'll be playing that night (you may want something romantic and upbeat). It's incredible how much live bands do to rave up a wedding reception.


man playing as electric bass guitar


7) Beautiful Outfit


Rule one of your wedding day: dress to impress. Seriously, this is probably one of the only times in your life that you’ll get the chance to sport a bespoke tuxedo or glittering ball gown - so embrace it. Spending the money to get something tailored to fit your body perfectly is 100% worth it.


woman in ruffled wedding gown sitting on haystack


8) Hair & Make-up


A great makeup artist with high-quality brushes and products won't settle with a good deal and compromise with the result. While the price range of the amateurs are pretty tempting, your wedding day is not the perfect time for them to experiment with hair and makeup.


woman holding her hair with flower


9) Shoes


No matter how high the shoes are, a pair of good-quality ones will not leave you in pain even if you are wearing it for the whole day. You will have less risk of broken heels and you can keep it as an investment to wear to other parties in the future. So, make sure not to bargain with the price and quality when it comes to shoes.


woman wearing silver ankle-strap shoes on stairs


Remember, it’s a moment of a lifetime. If you’re ready to spend a little extra, these are the 9 things you should totally spend on to create an extraordinary wedding experience. Ready to make your wedding dream come true? Come visit AsahiLove studio today at BDC Saradise as we provide an all-in-one wedding services. 


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