7 Picture-Perfect Graduation Photoshoot Places In Kuching!

28 Oct 2019

It’s the graduation season again! We want to wish all graduates a big CONGRATULATIONS! And to commemorate this special occasion, having a graduation photoshoot is the best way. Listed below are a few places in Kuching where you can have your graduation photoshoot.


  • Kuching Old Courthouse


This beautiful white colonial building now converted into a few restaurants, and with a lovely garden outside is the perfect place for all types of photoshoots. We’re certain the rustic features of the building will make your graduation photos stand out. 

old courthouse1




  • Kuching Amphitheater


One of Kuching’s landmarks, the Kuching Amphitheater is one of the ideal spots for graduation photoshoots. The lush greenery provides a great backdrop for your graduation photos. 




  • Kuching Waterfront


The Kuching Waterfront is now a beautifully landscaped esplanade along the Sarawak River with some eateries and entertainment areas. There are also some historical buildings, an observation tower and other sculptures in the area which you can have your graduation photos taken.

Kuching waterfront






  • Kuching Reservoir Park


A beautiful park, the Kuching Reservoir Park is a sculptured equatorial rainforest. The park has a few picture-perfect spots for example, the Chinese bridge, which you can have your graduation photos taken.  

reservoir park



reservoir park1



  • Sarawak State Library


The Sarawak State Library is the biggest in the state, and is known by locals as the perfect place for relaxation of the mind and body. Situated next to a gorgeous man made lake, it’s the perfect place for graduation photoshoots. There’s a glass staircase inside the library too which you can pose at for a dramatic look. 




state library



  • Your Alma Mater 


Whether your university years have been the best years of your life or they fall somewhere on the mediocre train, you have made lasting memories that you will hold onto for a lifetime. You won’t be able to get back your uni years, so to all graduates, soak up every little piece of time you have left. One way to do this is to take graduation photos at your own university. 







  • AsahiLove Theme Studio


The results of your graduation photos will be spectacular at our modern-looking studio. Whether you prefer a more formal and classic style, or have the appetite for something more adventurous, we are able to assist you in bringing forth the perfect portrait. 







End of studies is not the end of learning and achieving. In life, we learn to train ourselves to celebrate every achievement no matter how small or big, so we can continue to keep achieving. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. This is a small formality which we either do it for ourselves, our parents or both. You can make it happen today by just giving us a call at 082-572 591 or visit our AsahiLove studio at BDC Saradise. 


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