Wedding Gatecrash Dos & Donts + Games

11 Oct 2019

For those confused about what gatecrashing games are, some Asian cultures (such as Malaysians) observe a fun tradition where grooms have to "earn their right" to wed their beloved. For the groom to prove his worth, he and his band of brothers (a.k.a groomsmen) have to complete a series of challenges that are set up by the bridesmaids, before the groom gets to fetch the bride from her home.


Although the idea of doing gatecrashing games sounds fun, there are some couples who dread the idea. That's because some gatecrashing games have turned into an unpleasant experience. You surely don't want that to happen to you and to anyone. Therefore, here are some dos and don'ts you can apply to keep your gatecrashing games harmless and fun. Also, we’ve listed a few gatecrashing games that are safe, fun, and meaningful. 




- Know The Groom’s Likes & Dislikes


The point of any games is to have fun. But not everything you think is fun would be fun for the groom and groomsmen, as well as the rest of the audience. As bridesmaids, before you plan on what to do for the gatecrashing games, you should first ask what the bride and groom would love and hate to do. Because it's not about you, it's all about the couple!


- Keep It Appropriate


Sometimes families are present during the games and if not, they might be watching the video after the event. We don’t think they’d be happy seeing any inappropriate or vulgar games. Know who’s watching and most importantly, keep the games family-friendly!


- Leave A Good Impression


There are games that are a lot of fun and might warm your hearts, such as games that require the groom to reminisce memories of his relationship with the bride. Those games leave a good impression that keeps the couple excited for the wedding. But games that cause embarrassment, awkwardness or any bad impression to the couple, especially the groom should be avoided. You don't want them in a bad mood before the wedding!


- Don’t Do It If It Might Cause You To Call An Ambulance Or The Police


This may sound self-explanatory but you better believe that some gatecrashing games have made it to the news for causing injuries and disturbances, for example, making groomsmen brush their teeth with wasabi! It may sound fun or funny at first, but always be aware of the worst-case scenario and avoid it at all costs!


- Create Meaningful Moments


One of the most popular wedding gatecrashing games is “10 Reasons Why”, where the groom states 10 reasons why he loves the bride. Not only that it’s simple and safe, it will line with the mood of the wedding too. Weddings should be fun but what differentiates wedding from other celebrations is that it symbolizes a union, so by all means, meaningfulness is an extra point for gatecrashing games.


- Make Practical Games


The games you plan should have practical values. By practical, we also mean clean. Some gatecrashing games require the groom and groomsmen to get wet and even leave stains on their faces. That's not fair when you also need them to be ready for the wedding in a couple of hours. So, be practical. 


- Don’t Forget To Stay Classy


When a wedding is being planned, couples visioned that their wedding will be classy, elegant or artistic. Those ideas won't seem to get along with childish, embarrassing or even vulgar games. Just like we stated before, gatecrashing games shouldn't ruin the wedding mood.


List of Safe, Fun & Meaningful Gatecrashing Games:




- The Eating Challenge Gatecrashing Game


The idea is to make the food really difficult to eat. Remember, we said difficult, not disgusting. Some ideas include:


  • Using chopsticks to eat ice cubes (harder than you imagine)
  • Using forks to drink soup
  • Using spatulas to eat long noodles
  • Using baby silicone spoons to eat roti prata


The guys will have to finish the food within a set time, or face punishment!


- Bead Threading Gatecrashing Game


Items required:


  • Thread
  • Small jewellery beads


This game tests the groom and groomsmen's dexterity by getting them to make jewellery for the bride. Get them to thread a bracelet or necklace for the bride.


To up the difficulty, get them to use only tweezers. Bonus: The bride gets a nice keepsake to remember this moment.


- Charades Relay Gatecrashing Game


Items required:


- Cards that describe the actions (to show the first guy)


Get the guys to stand in a row, with the first facing in one direction, and the rest back facing him.


Give the first guy the 1st puzzle (some ideas: playing the violin, baby crying, marina bay sands), and he will have to act it out with actions, without saying a word to the 2nd guy.


The 2nd guy does it to the 3rd guy, and so on, and the last guy will have to guess what the action was trying to describe. If he gets it right, they succeed.


- Groomsmen Quiz Gatecrashing Game


Items required:


  • A list of questions and answers about the bride and the couple's relationship


Get the groomsmen to answer a set of questions about the bride (e.g. her height, birthday) and about the couple's relationship (e.g. where did they first hold hands, etc). The groom is not allowed to help.


- Biscuit Alphabets Gatecrashing Game


Items required:


  • Tin of biscuits


Give the groom and gang a stack of biscuits, and have them spell out words by biting into the slices and forming alphabets! Of course, set a time limit so that some panic kicks in and makes it fun.


- 10 Reasons I Love You Gatecrashing Game


Items required:


  • A large sheet of drawing paper
  • Markers or pens
  • Stickers to decorate


The title of this game is rather literal. Ask the groom to write down, then read out loud 10 reasons he loves his bride. After the wedding, the couple can choose to frame or keep this piece of paper.


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